Les Fantaisistes

Time… Four viol players who share a strong wish to explore all sorts of music,  [...]

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Les inAttendus

A lively interest in new works, a marked taste for performing them, an attentive ear and an in-depth approach to sounds [...]

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The ensemble, founded on Marianne Muller’s initiative, enjoys performing a wide range of music featuring the bass [...]

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Around the sonatas of A. Corelli

Two violas and a harpsichord or (and) a harp.

From yesterday to today

Various arrangements with Ste Colombe, Giner, Hume, Fischer, Teleman, Hersant, Bach, Pascal, etc. – bass viola solo

Two tales by Jean De La Fontaine

An actress and a violist.
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Between France and England

T. Hume, Dubuisson, of Machy, Marin Maris – bass of viola solo.

Hume & Fischer

D. Fischer dedicates an astonishing work to his very old colleague Hume in 2009. Trio de violes

England in trio

O. Gibbons, A. Ferrabosco, J. Jenkins, M. Locke, H. Purcell – three violas da gamba, a keyboard.

J. Rameau’s harpsichord piece

The Complete Pieces of Harpsichord in Concert by J.P. RAMEAU – a harpsichord, a violin, a viol.

Resonances throughout Europe

Short overview of repertoires from the early 17th century to the middle of the 18th century – viola solo.

Sonatas of C. P. E. Bach

The sonatas of C.P.E. Bach, with fortepiano.

Sonatas of J. S. Bach

The sonatas of J. S. BACH, for viola and harpsichord, or organ, or accordion!


Ste Colombe : suite en ré m. Manuscrit de Tournus
Deux contes de Jean De La Fontaine